3 Napier Road, Elm Farm Industrial Estate
MK41 0QS
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01234 342 511 Fax: 01234 217 322 Web: www.ringspann.co.uk Email: gordon.riseley@ringspann.co.uk
Contact Name: Gordon Riseley
Telephone: 01234 342 511 Email: gordon.riseley@ringspann.co.uk

RINGSPANN Cables & Controls - Push-Pull & pull only cables, along with Lever controls, pedals and Accessories we can provide a complete solution,
As we manufacture both in the UK and Germany we are able to offer one off prototypes or large batches depending on your requirements.
With our own material we can offer, Maximum Efficiency, High Temperature range, Tight Bend Radius, Some Typical applications: Gearshift, Throttle, Anti-roll-bar, Body support, Brake to name but a few.

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